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Home Page view presentation

Single Family Dwelling

3 Bed Room
3.5 Bathroom
Great Room
Play room
Kitchen cum dining
2 Story Building
With pattern roof,Slab and design cladding.
Total size: 2200 sq ft
Design #101117b
3D Representation Coming soon below:

floor Plan Ground

floor Plan First

elevation House 

Apartment Building Plan

2 Bedroom
  2 Bathroom
Kitchen Cum Dining
2 Story Building
With Pattern roof  and design cladding.
Total size: 1296 sq ft.
Design #101117A
Design allow you to have a shear wall or partition wall to have multiple apartment unit or blocks.
3D Representation Coming soon below.

2 Bed room Apartment Building 
 Villa Building Plan Design

I Infinity Pool
5 Guest Bedroom have Sunset View/Sunrise view
5  Guest Bathroom with Walking Closet
1 Staff Quaters
Guest Entry
Grand Chef Kitchen
Double Car Garage
Grand Tv Room
other amenity areas.

Modern Design Villa with green style in-cooperated 
Total size: Approx. 7700 sq ft
3D Design coming soon below:

5 Bedroom Villa Building Design 

5 Bedroom Villa Building Design

Single Family Dwelling

2 Bedroom modern home
Open floor plan
Kitchen cum dining
Total size: 900-1500 sq ft
Design #101117C

modern 2 Bedroom house

 Cost Of Plan:Please call for quote
modern home  2 bedroom 
rear House 
side House 

Single Family Dwelling

Housing Scheme Addition
Rear view of Dwelling House expansion

Housing Scheme Addition
 Side view of dwelling house expansion

Housing Scheme Addition

 Side view two expansion of dwelling house

Ground Floor Plan expansion of single Family dwelling.

Housing Scheme Addition
 Upper Floor expansion of Building 
Housing Scheme Addition

Single Family Dwelling
1 Bed Room  
1 Bath Room
Living Cum Dining
Front view
1 bed room home
Rear view
rear -1 bed room home
Side view
side -1 bed room home
Floor Plan  
Floor Plan -Studio apartment

Single Family Dwelling

2 Bedroom , 1 and 1/2 Bathroom
Living cum dining 
Front View
Front - 2 Bed room home
Rear View

Rear - 2 Bed room home
Side View
side - 2 Bed room home
Floor Plan
Plan -2 Bed room home

Single Family Dwelling

 4 Bed Room
Kitchen Cum dining
Studio Addition
Call for Cost: Contact for More Info
Product Id: 4bd0016

Elevations 1 - 4 Bed room home 
Floor Plans -4 Bed room home 

Single Family Dwelling

2 Bed Room
Kitchen Cum dining
Studio Addition
Call for Cost: Contact for More Info
Product Id: 2bd0016
2 bedroom studio addition 1 

Single Family Dwelling

3 Bed room with 3 Bathroom
 2 Patio, Garage ,
Laundry , Kitchen ,Great Room and Dinning.
Total Sq ft: 2500-3000
Product Id: 101
Home, Building Plan
Elevations House
Dwelling house
Multi Family Dwelling

 4 Bed Room, 4 1/2 bathroom
2 Great room , 1 Kitchen , Dinning
Garage , 2 Patio,Laundry
Total Sq ft: 3000
Product Id: 103
Elevations House
Elevations House
Dwelling house 
Floor Plan House 
Floor Plan House 
Single Family Dwelling

3 Bed room with 2 1/2 Bathroom,
2 Patio,Garage,
1 Great Room and Dinning.
Total Sq ft:2000-2500
Product Id: 104
Dwelling house rear
floor plan,Building 
Single Family Dwelling

4 Bed room with 2 1/2 Bathroom,
 2 Patio,Garage ,
1 Great Room and Dinning.
Total Sq ft:2500-2900
Product Id: 105
floor plan House 
Dwelling house front
Dwelling house rear 
Single Family Dwelling

2 Bed room with 2 Bath room
Open Concept dining
 ,kitchen ,Hall
Total Sq ft:1000-1500
Product Id: 106
Dwelling house Modern PlanFloor Plan 1:50 sc
Dwelling house frontFront Elevation
Dwelling house rearRear Elevation
House Plan 
Left Elevation 
Summer Villa

1 Main house and 1 Pool House
Size: Over 3500 sq ft
Product Id: 107

site Plan Villa 
floor Plan for villa 

half section of house plan 

half of plan House
front elevation House 
rear elevation of villa 
side view for villa 
Single Family Dwelling

SIZE: 3000 sq ft

Floor Plan 1, Home

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