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Nufield Services is offering a special for all NHT Customers-
National House Trust Contributors who has a NHT House and
Land or acquired an NHT unit through NHT, we are offering a solution for you.
We are offering a 30% off on all architectural design plans for NHT customers.If you’re doing an expansion, doing a new house plan or making changes to existing plans.We will take you from concept to design, submission to approval and also provide you with most
Cost effective way to build your home.
Take this offer up today and make a call and ask about NHT promo offers.
Some of the housing schemes found in Jamaica by NHT - National House Trust;

Adelphi Housing, Anchovy,Angels Estate
National Housing Trust Promo
Appleton,Ashley Hall,Bamboo,Bariffe Hall,Bay Farm Villas,Bellevue Bernard Lodge Sugar Housing,Bethel Town (Phase I),Bethel Town (Phase II), Bevans Pen, Bluefields,Boone Hall,Boscobel,Braeton,Braeton (Phase IV) Braeton (Phase VI), Bridgeview, Bullock Pen,
Bushy Park (Phase I) , Bushy Park (Phase II), 
Bushy Park Housing,Catherine Hall
Caymanas Gardens, Cedar Grove,
Cedar Grove Estate, Central Kingston
Charlemont, Cherry Gardens,
Christian Gardens II, Christian Pen
Chudleigh, Chudleigh ,
Church Street Apartments (Beverly Gardens),
Claremont, Colleen Cort, Cooreville, Cooreville Apartments, Cornwall Court (Green Pond Phase I), Cornwall Green Pond (Phase II),Crofts Hill, Cromarty Lands, Culloden, Cumberland, Cumberland (Phase II)Cumberland (Phase III),Cumberland Meadows, Darliston (Phase II),Deans Valley, Delacree Park, Denbeigh Denham Town/Hannah Town Developments, Donmair Apartments (Plum Lane),Duncan's Hill, East Prospect, East Prospect (Main I), East Prospect (Main II),East Prospect (Main III),Ebony Vale, Elim, Eltham Park, Eltham Views, Ensome Acres, Esher, Fair Prospect, Farm Heights, Farm Heights (Phase I),Farm Heights (Phase II),Farm Heights (Phase III),Fern Grove (Phase I),Fern Grove (Phase II),Fern Grove (Phase II),Frome, Grants Pen Apartments, Greater Portmore (Phase I),Greater Portmore (Phase II),Hague (Phase I),Hague (Phase II),Hague (Phase II),Hellshire, Hellshire (Upperfort B), Hellshire Heights, Hellshire Park Estate, Hope Bay, Hope Bay, Iterboreale (Phase I),Ivanhoe Estate, Kencot Apartments,Kensington Housing Development,Leamington, Lincoln Court, Llandilo (Phase I),Llandilo (Phase II),Long Pond,Lower Works, Lydford (Phase I),Manley Meadows, Mansfield (Phase I),Mansfield (Phase I), Marine Park, Meylersfield ,  Molynes Road, Moneague , Moreton Park Apartments, Mount Charles, Mount Salem, Mountain Court, Mountain View, Mountpelier , New Market, Norwood, Orange Bay, Orange Bay (Phase I),Orange Bay (Phase II),Orange Bay (Phase II), Raheen, Red Hills Pen (Phase I)Phoenix Park, Pitfour (Phase I),Pitfour (Phase II),Retirement,Riverside Park ,Rosemount (Phase I),Rosemount Square (Phase I),Royal Place Estate (Bevans Pen),Santa Cruz ,Seville (Phase I), Shortwood Road, Shrewsbury (Phase IV),Southborough, Stadium  Gardens,  Steel field,Steer Town (Phase II),Swansea,Tawes Pen,Tredegar Park, Trevennion Towers Apartments, Tryall, Turo Pen, Unions Estate (Phase I),Vanzie Lands,Vaughnsfield,Waterloo Apartments, Westchester, Westgreen (Ext.),Whitehall, Whitehall Avenue Apartments,Whitehouse, Wicki Wacki (Phase I),Wicki Wacki (Phase II),Woodstock (Phase I),Yallahs (Phase II), ETC.