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Drywall Construction

Drywall Preview services

Drywall scores high points for safety and environmental friendliness; it is fire-resistant and asbestos-free. It also helps to reduce noise transmission. Past problems with mold and mildew due to Sheetrock’s high absorbency are being alleviated through waterproofing, paper free formulations or the use of green board -- a special water-resistant form of drywall. 

We can have any internal space (wall/ceiling) constructed using drywall boards and wall studs (wood/Metal). With drywall board it can be used in both residential and commercial spaces base on your desired design.Our installation services  is superior to any other and also we have a very low cost of installation.

Architecture Services

Plans done ready to blue print - Drafting services

Architectural Services provided by Nufield Services, are not your typical designs services. Designs are done based on our clients needs, taste and culture. With this understanding, our consultation will include helping the client to see a 3D/pictorial view of their home and adding our special designer touch to making your project stand out beyond the rest.

Our rates is very competitive  and if you see a lower cost in the market place, we can give you a lower price that was quoted to you. Don't worry about cost , our main goal is to see that our clients is very satisfied with our services.

Also, our turn around time for Plans, Architectural Drawings and Building Design detail sets is very quick.

Design Services

design services for creating new projects

Our design services takes your design from concept to reality. So what ever furniture design you have in mind, it can be design and be made by our expert carpenters. 

The cost for design services is lower than any other design professionals in the market and very competitive. So if you see, desire or would like for us to create your dream furnishing don't hesitate to give us a call.


Tools carpentry services

From Frame to Finish, We Do It All. 
No matter how big or small your carpentry project is, We are the company for the job. We have workers with Quality Craftsmanship, years of experiences and countless of satisfied customers. Choose us for any wood-working project, and you'll be very satisfied with our Craftsmanship. 

1. Form work
2. Furniture
3. Door  and  Door Jamb Installation
5. Roof
6. windows
7. Building line out
8. wood floor
9. Decking
10. Even Handy Man Jobs we do... etc.


Tiling of bath room

Let’s us do your tiling for you in style. It does not matter how large or small your tiling project is, we will get it done in a timely manner and provide you with a great finish work. We tile about anything that you desire.You name it,we will tile these areas and more.

1. Ceramic
2. Porcelain 
3. Glass
4. Mosaics
5. Marble
6. Travertine



We install/Build fence for residential and commercial customers.We will provide a free estimate for you and get your work done in a timely manner. The types of fencing we construct/install are listed below; 

1. Chain Link
2. Wood
3. Concrete
4. Stone

Contracting Services

Hard Hat used for worker safety

We provide contracting services for general construction of masonry structure,wood structure and also container building structures.