Housing Solutions In Jamaica and the construction field
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Housing Solutions In Jamaica and the construction field

July 2013

Buying Building Materials in Jamaica

Buying building/Hardware materials in Jamaica can be something very interesting. Why? you have several hardware that will be found your area and all has different prices for the same product. Like for example? 1 Ton of steel will cost $100,000, you go to the next its $90,000 Ja or $88,000 at another. The best choice would be the cheaper hardware. That's good; however you have to do price hunting to get the lower cost and you have be going up and down to different hardware to find the best price. Another factor that will affect your choice is the distance of the Hardware away from you. If you don't have a transportation you most Likely will go to the Hardware that is closer you and of such you will pay more. My advice to anyone is to go far to the wholesaler of the goods and they will give you the items at a cheaper cost than the hardware will give you. However, you will need connections with that company. Sorry to say that’s how Jamaica works. I really, would not want to go down that road of the unbalance society we have. 

When buying material it's best to buy once not twice; Why? the next time you go to the Hardware you will pay a Higher cost and this is not smart at all. Another way to save some money in your pocket; is to Shop when their is a clearance sale or in December period when Hardware’s wants to clear inventory. Also, do remember that when you find a good supplier of materials don't switch, Because they can provide you with discounts that others will not give you because your a loyal customer. 
Who provide the cheaper Materials? Well, I could give some. However, with the information I have provide you, it will allow you to find one in one call. 

What if I can not buy in a large volume? Well, take the Jamaican advice "One one cocoa full basket". What's this.. well you can go to your local hardware and make an agreement to pay-down on your materials just like hire purchase. This helps when you don't have allot of cash or you can even Join a partner in your community or even make up a family partner, it helps allot. 
So what's your views on my advice?  

How to register your land for a title in Jamaica?

Land surveyor at workHow to register your land for a title in Jamaica?

It is very difficult to register land title in Jamaica. Much or less to even get land to purchase. There is too much process to get a land fully documented in your name and also there is problem of finding lands that has title to purchase. This is a challenge that is faced by middle class workers Who need land to buy to start a home. Lets not debate this issue, However I have done some research on the land title registration. You can also call the land Agency in your parish or region. 

Land Titles Services (876)750-5263/946-5263/922-3858 
Land Valuation Services (876)750-5263/946-5263 
Montego Bay Office (876)7750-5263/946-5263/952-1549

Before registering a land title in Jamaica you first would need to contact a land lawyer or a lawyer who is verse in land dealings and you will need the assistance of a land surveyor. Below is some information that will help you in your process.

1.The first step taken would be to fill out a form at the Land agency : The Registration of   Titles Act and sign by the applicant. 


2. A written statement confirmed by oath by the applicant to prove possession. 

3. A written statement/oath to prove ownership from two persons who have known the land for at least 30 years and in cases where the applicant has no documentary proof of ownership, showing title for himself and predecessors in title for 40 years. 

4. The current certificate of payment of Property Tax.(Tax receipts) 

5. Survey pre-checked diagram - The diagram is done by a surveyor(Registered Surveyor). 

6. Proof of Ownership eg. 6. Receipt, Conveyance, Probate, Certificate of Compliance under the Facilities for Titles Act. 

7. Applications otherwise by Plan must provide a description of the land so to show identification of location of the parcel of land by of a land mark and this must state the names of which the property is known. The description must state the distances along each boundary and the compass direction of each boundary line, the names of the abutting properties, the names of adjoining owners, and where the abutting land is registered land, the title reference for the property. The land surveyor report or diagram will provide all these details for you.

For more information contact :

The information was source from: The National Land Agency - http://www.nla.gov.jm/