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Housing Solutions In Jamaica and the construction field

August 2013

Window/windows in your home

Windows In Your Home

Window that is applied in the correct location in your home can create a beautiful home for you and your family. Windows or window does help in many ways or function in some positives ways to improve the overall function of your home. Let us see what we can find out about windows in your home today.... 

A window is opening in the wall or roof of a building that has a frame which is fitted with glass or transparent material in a frame to let light, air, objects and allow for seeing through. A window can be a fixed or movable and is base on the application or location of the window. The types of windows used in homes or on buildings are; Fixed, Single-hung sash, Double-hung sash, Horizontal sliding sash , Casement , Awning , Hopper,Tilt and slide , Tilt and turn, Jalousie Window-louvered , Clerestory , Skylight - A roof window and bay window. These are some the major windows used in the construction field or used in architectural drawings for homes and building. Windows play a very important role in the development of a well design building, that's why many architects or designers place major emphasis on the type of window and the amount window added to a structure. 

In the matter of light or illuminating your home or structure , it is recommended by me or others to have more windows in your home to let the light in. However, if your windows/window are placed at an incorrect location of your building this can prevent daylight light from entering the structure. This is a factor that affect many homes that is design by Architects/Draftsman in our region and clients in many cases are affected by bad designs that is used for their building. A general guide for placing windows/window in a structure is to use the sun rise and sun set (the sun rise due east and set due west) to guide you in placing your windows on the structure.The building orientation can also affect lighting and also where the building is located too can affect lighting e.g if your in the city or the in country where theirs allot of trees etc.

Moving from lighting to the function of windows/window in your home. These function is easy as 1,2,3 .... well they are day-lighting ,ventilation , Aesthetic features, Act as a barrier and opening just to name a few. Window has different sizes for different location for your home and sizes can vary base on the clients request for window size.
However, their are some standard recommendation that can be used such as; 

Bathrooms; 2 feet by 1 , 2 feet by 2 , 2 feet by 3 etc. Generally bathrooms window size start at 2ft. 

Living Room; 3ft by 4 feet to 6ft by 6ft. 

Bedroom; 2ft by 3 ft on the smaller side to 4 by 5 feet on the larger side and this can vary base on the size of the room. 

Dining room windows; 3ft by 4 ft to 6ft by 5 ft feet and this can vary base on the size of your area. 

Garages and Basements; 3ft to 4 ft and this also vary base on size of unit. 

Do remember these are just recommendation of sizes that can be used , a developer or architect can play with window sizes to make a space more comfortable or attractive that is base on the client request.
Please leave your comments.....

Return Residence Building in Jamaica

"The land of beaches, reggae and the people" the lovely country of Jamaica with beautiful people. This is the country you would like to retire when you’re at the age of retirement or it Is the island for building your dream home? If your away from Jamaica for some years or a return resident and is Planning to build while your away. The customary way of Jamaican is to get someone they can Trust to build their dream home. However, this can turn out to be "bitter sweet" for you and your family. Many return residence to Jamaica or persons who tried to invest has lost a lot of money in building their homes. 

This is cause by unscrupulous contractors or builders who have taken their clients’ money and have not delivered to their agreement to complete a structure. This practice is a common story that has affected many good people who try to build up Jamaica and their family and of such external investors/return residence has no confidence in building while they are away working. 

Well, let me provide you with some confidence in our services. 
 Nufield services have standard process for all projects; 

 1. Honesty that is provided to our clients in all process of construction.

 2. There is a contract or agreement that is drafted up on the inception of a    
      project to protect all party. 

 3. You can rest assured that our business is registered.

 4. We ensure that our clients are satisfied with our services. 

 5. We ensure that our clients are involved in all levels of their project e.g.  
    Written report with photos is submitted to show evidence of work done and 
    online tracking of payments made or purchases.

These are some of the things that we provide in our business to help our customers to be relaxed while building away.

Making an Estimate for building

Making an Estimate for building   

Luke 14:28 “For example, who of YOU that wants to build a tower does not first sit Down and calculate the expense, to see if he has enough to complete it?" 

An estimates does carry the same approach as the quoted the scripture above. A building estimate is an approximate calculation, projection of a quantity base on research facts that is value, number, quantity ,  materials, labor , etc. A building estimates is good whenever you start a construction project that is govern by a budget or when your barrowing a loan from a financial institution. Some advantages of doing a building estimate is;

1. Save money and time - Doing a building estimate prevents you from buying un-necessary items. 

2. Provides you with the knowledge of the probable costs associated in order to gain financial commitment. 

3. Help in budgeting or budget control. 

4. It provides information to the contractor, architect, or engineer of the cost of the project and what you need.

There are also other advantages of doing an estimates but I am just mentioning the main ones. Many times in Jamaica or within building construction field a estimates is required, However clients generally do not see the benefits of doing a Building estimates and times during the project the estimate would be great benefit to track the amount of material that they have bought. Well, architect or contractors can provide you with sample estimate or bill of quantity to get you started. However, it is recommended that you get a quantity surveyor in this case. 

Please leave your comment...

Who is making a Big Impression in the Small Business World?

Making your business make the first buck or million?      

Let us talk about marketing a small business in this competitive world today. There are many companies that boast the right or advertise on the internet or on cable tv To provide the best marketing approach to help small business grow to become large business. I have look around for some time now to find the best company that will help you start up with a Small budget and my search then ends at "Vistaprint”. Why Vistaprint? , If you were to do a Thorough research on "Vistaprint" you will find out that Vistaprint was once a small business and of Such they have a success in providing products for small businesses and also large businesses. Looking at Vistaprint very critically theirs is allot of positives and few negatives being truthfully.   

For small business to survive in this economy it will need to have some key strategy; 1. The business has to be "Valiant"; you have be very determine no matter what obstacles Come at you or your small business. Lack of funds and not finding a market for your business can Be a downfall for allot business today. 2. Your business has be "Innovative"; You should be coming up with new ideas for the business to give it an extra boast because you are not alone in the world of business. 3. Business needs be very "Smart" or you will say business smart. It's not rocket science to know that if you’re offering a service or product you should give the customer what they are asking for and also be very observant to changing environment that affects your business. 4. The business need to have "talent" or you need to employ talented persons to move your Business from $1 to $million in profit. 5. Another key that all small business need is "Advertise”, Well, if you don't advertise who will know if you’re in business? Last but not least is "Print", for small business’s marketing materials is very essential for making your business survive for a long time.   

It's not surprising that Vistaprint provides these entire ingredients for a small business to make their Big Impression in world of business. Let’s look at the various tools and Product that Vistaprint has to help a small business. By navigating the Vistaprint.com, you will notice that you have free offers and products such as website , business cards and third party tools that will help small business get started in the very first month of business. This is something that all small business need for the first month of operation; Because starting up a business for the first month can be very expensive and time consuming. Vistaprint provide an easy approach on their platform to give a small business owner control of marketing their business electronically online and also providing physical product Marketing in terms of print materials. The prices of products offered on the website is also a great help to reduce your startup cost of marketing materials about 50% less than other competitors. So let’s face it, A big "Hug" to Vistaprint and a great Job done Vistaprint for making a difference to help small businesses.......     

Leave your comments...............

Choosing doors for your Home?

Have you chosen the right door for your room or space?
A door is an opening or closing member used to close off an entrance to a space or room. A door generally has interior side and an exterior side which is sometimes matching. A door can bring beauty to the entrance of your building with the different features and design that it carries. Doors is used in may areas of the building and sometimes it is over used base on the amount of close open spaces available in your home. Many times designers or architects often pay less attention to a door in the house , but it can bring in light to space just as the window.It also can stop light , it close off spaces , open up to a new space and also a door can add decor to the room. Their are some common types of door used in homes these are; Panel Door, Flush Door, Fresh Doors , Pocket Door, Bypass Door , Bi-fold Doors and Sliding Doors and these doors can be made up of various materials ( Metal , wood , glass , plastics or a combination of these materials and other materials.) You can Have a carpenter build a door for you, it would be the best choice to have custom doors in your home which will make your home unique. However regular factory made doors may not bring all the beauty you need, but it can also depend on the brand door you purchase.Below are some size of doors used.
Internal Sizes doors Used
24" x 78" = 2'0" x 6'6" = 610 x 1981 mm
27" x 78" = 2'3" x 6'6" = 686 x 1981 mm
30" x 78" = 2'6" x 6'6" = 762 x 1981 mm
32" x 80" = 2'8" x 6'8" = 813 x 2032 mm
33" x 78" = 2'9" x 6'6" = 838 x 1981 mm
34" x 78" = 2'10" x 6'6"= 864 x 1981mm
36" x 78" = 3'0" x 6'6" = 914 x 1981 mm
External Sizes used in Building
30" x 78" = 2'6" x 6'6" = 761 x 1981 mm
32" x 80" = 2'8" x 6'8" = 813 x 2032 mm
33" x 78" = 2'9" x 6'6" = 838 x 1981 mm
34" x 82" = 2'10" x 6'10"= 864x 2082mm
36" x 84" = 3'0" x 7'0" = 915 x 2134 mm
If you want to install a door or looking for advice on doors 
Please send me an email or call.

Getting a Handyman?

Handyman services

A handyman is skilled or non skilled worker that does repairs around the home or sometimes in odd areas, He is sometimes called "Mr. fix it ". Some of the task that carried out by this person will include repair work, maintenance work, both interior and exterior, which include light, plumbing jobs such as fixing a toilet or electric jobs such as changing a lighting fixture. Generally handyman is sometimes classified to be Jack of all trades because he performs all the work for him self. However,a contractor generally hires persons to do specific jobs that will cost you more to acquire their services and while the handyman can perform almost all the tasks a group of persons hired.

A handyman or handy person will provide you with value for work has compared to a trades worker who will charge for his services. The handy man can do all the jobs for one price while others will charge for each tasks at hand. Sometimes a handyman is skilled in one area of his trade, however over years of experience and extensive work in the construction and repair field he/she can acquire added skills to improve their work quality. In our region their not much handyman that can beckon to a call that is send to their phone. We need to have more handyman in our region ( Jamaica ) to help to solve problems that home owners have around their home. Below is a listing of some of the major tasks a handyman can carryout on a Job or project.

  •  Swapping a toilet
  •  Swimming pool maintenance
  •  Tiling
  •  Wall building
  • Air conditioner installation 
  • Crown moulding
  • Drywall repair
  • Garage doors
  • Appraising of property
  • Curtain hanging
  • Electrical wiring
  • General Maintenance
  • Barbecue pit maintenance
  • Decks
  • Energy Updates
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Cabinet refacing
  • Door installation
  • Fan installation
  • Gutter Repair
  • Carpentry
  • Door repair
  • Fence fixing
  • Heating system tune-up
  • Ceiling repair
  • Drain cleaning
  • Fireplace cleaning
  • Home security systems
  • Ceramic tile repair
  • Dryer repair
  • Flooring Installation and Repair
  • Home inspections
  • Cleaning
  • Dryer vent cleaning
  • Foundations
  • Hot tubs and spas
  • Concrete work
  • Dryer vent installation
  • Framing
  • Insulation installation (batts)
  • Countertops
  • Drywall Installation
  • Garage door openers
  •   Lamp repairs
  •  Landscaping
  •  Lawncare
  •  Lockset adjustment
  •  Molding installation
  •  Moving
  •  Paint removal
  •  Painting
  •  Patio stone installation
  •  Pest control
  •  Photography
  •  Plumbing repairs
  •  Porches
  •  Remodeling basements
  •  Remodeling bathrooms
  •  Remodeling kitchens
  •  Roofing
  •  Safety modifications
  •  Sealing driveways
  •  Senior Living Modifications
  •  Septic system repair
  •  Shelf installation
  •  Shelving
  •  Skylight installation
  •  Solar panels
  •  Soundproofing
  •  Sprinkler repair
  •  Sprinkler system installation
  •  Stain removal
  •  Staining furniture
  •  Stone work
  •  Storage area construction
  •  Storage area repair
  •  Waste and junk removal
  •  Water purification
  •  Water softening
  •  Window cleaning
  •  Window installation
  •  Window repair

Would you use a Handyman in your home? 

Painting your Home ( Concrete or Container)

Painting your Home/House
 “Applying a fresh coat of paint to a new surface is 
 Like waking up to the morning sun"   

Lets discuss painting your new home or painting an existing Surface in your home. 
First let me provide you with a check List of the things/items needed for starting your painting project.      

Painter’s Checklist   

 1. Paint (Color of your choice) -    Water base or Oil base 
 2. Scraper   
 3. Wire brush  
 4. Paint brush  
 5. Paint tray / Bucket   
 6. Paint rollers  
 7. Rags /Towels   
 8. Tri-sodium phosphate   - Used by professional painters in                       
                                         Removing stain from surface or degreaser.
                                         (Not sold at local hardware - Has to be imported)  

 9. Concrete patch - Used to fill cracks in the Concrete wall or on the surface.   
 10. Primer   
 11. Breathing mask  
 12. Thinner - If its oil based paint or If water based you use water.     
 13. Ladder - Used for elevated areas     
 14. Newspaper or Polythene Sheet/Plastic cover    

 How calculate the amount of paint needed?    

So the list above is a general guideline for starting your Painting  project and can be change base how much painting you have to do. Well, you have acquired your tools or check list for your project. Next, you will also need to know how much paint will be required to start your project.   In the general Painting world, the amount of paint needed is based on The gallon and 1 gallon of paint will cover 350 sq. ft. Square feet is calculated length * width, so length (running ft.) Of the wall multiply by the height (Generally 9 ft.) of the Wall will give you the total sq. ft.   You will then divide total sq. ft. of wall /350 sq. ft. this will give You the total gallon needed. Also you should remove total open Spaces from total sq. ft. of wall before you start the calculation. If I confuse you with my explanation I am sorry. No need to worry. You can send me an email or call for help.   

How to choose the right color for your area or space? 

Well it all depends on your color of taste or your favorite color You would like to apply to your interior wall or exterior wall. However, to get the right color for your area you may want to get an expert advice. Also you can look into magazines that show examples of colors to use For different areas in your home. Note: Lighting, space available and function of Space can affect your choice of color.  

 Next, I will be providing you with the steps Taken to prepare a surface for painting.     

 So you leave your comments.... Thank you.

Drafting and House Plan In Jamaica

Drafting and House Plan in Jamaica     

Architecture encompasses three main aspects these are Aesthetic, function and durability (How strong) or Architecture is both the process and product of planning, designing, and construction, usually of buildings and other physical structures (Definition taken from Wikipedia). Well, in terms of designing an architect would want his/her self-attached to a type of theory or type of architecture. In our modern stage of architecture there has being allot of great architects that has made great impact to architecture; some namely Frank Lloyd Wright, Louis Sullivan and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. You may say why I have chosen these 3 persons, mainly because of how they have impacted the modernist approach of architecture.   

In our time of architecture or the study of architecture we have adapted some of the legends way of designing in the past and used their approaches to develop new concepts or projects. Having, said all that. How has the Caribbean or Jamaican architecture learned from this? A comment made by one of our prominent persons in our society has state that our buildings in Jamaica is like a colossal disgrace. Well, he was speaking in reference to the building Aesthetics and function. I do agree with him, however we can be assured that we have done well in providing well-built structural buildings. My take on this as an Architect, is that I do stick with the 3 main ingredients that make up architecture. Aesthetic, function and durability; These 3 should be found in a house plan, drafting or design plan of a building. Case example, I have seen many buildings being erected in Jamaica and all of these buildings has in common is square box approach. The designers or draftsman or woman has no sense of approach of designing a beautiful building that represents the client’s life style.    

I must agree that we have not set any standards in the architecture industry in Jamaica That the new designers or new architects can follow to improve the way we design and build. What I hate about our architects is that they have no sense of design or approach to designing. Why I say that.... Jamaica is Tropical Island and our main material for construction is steel and concrete. One factor when designing a building is the environment; Many Jamaican can attest that during the day and night their homes is very hot. This is cause by how your home was design by the Architect; is your home has allot of open space , windows door ways to allow air to pass through your home. Another, factor the orientation (direction of something) of the building; is your building being oriented to where there is a high flow air coming from the mountain side, the sea or where there is allot of trees.?  

Leaving from heat to light; I also hate how buildings that is being design in our country Having lot of closed spaces and little openings for natural light to come in. I have seen and experience living in a house that has little windows, large spaces and during the day its dark inside.  Not cool at all, JPS is now smiling at this situation. If you living a house or Unit why can't the natural light be illuminating your space? This is a question I need to ask designers or Architects in our region.....     

 To be continue.... If you have comments on this first part please leave your comments..