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Housing Solutions In Jamaica and the construction field

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Furniture in homes and offices

Furniture in homes and offices

Furniture is a large movable object that is used to make a home or office space comfortable and also support human life style of living such as seating & sleeping. Furniture in the home or office helps to add décor to your area; it is used for interior storage, Add ambiance to an area and supports your life style. Furniture in your home or office has various Designs and base on your culture it can have many aesthetical features such as carvings; if wood is used to make your furniture.       

Furniture’s can be made from wood, metal, plastic, glass or a combination of these Materials and many other materials. Furniture can contain many aesthetical Features that can create a beautiful piece in your home or space. Furniture can Be made using a variety of woodworking joints which often reflect the local culture. Some of the common furniture’s used in homes can vary based on the location or where the furniture will placed or used. Take for example the bed room; bed room furniture or furnishing include bed base, Headboard, bed side table, closet, dresser and a table & chair base on your interior decorator recommendations. The kitchen and Dining hall can also carry a variety of furniture such as the Cabinetry, dining table, Pantry, chairs and Shelving. Your hall can contain shelves, table - coffee, entertainment center, Bookcase, Computer desk, side tables and chairs and you can add as many furniture to a space base on your taste.    

In our era there are quiet amount of new design that are used in the furniture industry and is very trendy to be used in homes and office. e.g Mies Van der Rohe  Barcelona Chair ,this chair is very beautiful ,trendy , multi-functional and also a bit expensive. This chair can be used in homes and offices in any area base on your desire. Furniture can be made base on your specification or taste and it can be built in the materials of your choice. With furniture making, you have the ability to have custom furniture made to suit your home environment or if you have small space you can get your furniture made to fit your space that is available. 

There is many wonderful furniture makers in the world or in the furniture making business that has done some lovely furniture for homes and offices that you can include in your space.  

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How to choose Tile

How to choose the Best tile for your home
Top View Of Bath Room that being tiled for client
Ceramic tiles are very beautiful and also have a desirable surface. These tiles is strong, colorfast, easy to clean, and flame-resistant, no conduction of heat or electricity, Hygienic, does not absorb odors or emit hazardous chemicals, it won’t expand/swell or shrink in extreme temperatures. These tiles are mostly imported from Spain, Italy and are made around the world.
When buying tiles (Ceramic or Porcelain) there some pointers that you may want to consider, if the tile is to be used outdoors, look for weatherproof tiles. It it’s to be used outdoors and you’re going to walk on it, Take it a step further and buy a slip-resistant tile. If you find just the right tile but its not slip-resistant, not to worry — slip resistance materials can be added to improve the tile.
Another Major pointer is the size of the tile; if you have large area you could choose large tiles, this will reduce cost in some instances when tiling is being done. Also don't forget your tile thickness ,
this can either prevent you from losing tiles due to breakage or even when tiles are laid they can even crack when objects falls on them; if they are not properly laid with tin set on your floor.
If the tile is to be used on a kitchen counter, find one that is not only glazed but also scratch-resistant.You won’t want to use it as a cutting board, but it should be durable enough that you can set pots and pans and cooking utensils on it.
OK then, so you don’t have to be an expert to select the right tile for the right application, but keep these pointers in mind, costly choices might be eliminated. Go to a tile dealer they will also provide with good options. Then you can leave the rest up to us to make your home a
beautiful place to come visit.
How do I measure my room or area to find out the size and the number of tile needed?
1. Measuring an area or room you first will need a tape measure that has inches and feet.
2. The second factor to note that room size is measured with length and   width.
3. Once you measure the length and width. You then would then multiply the L*W (length * width) to give the total square feet of area. eg. 12*12 = 144 sq. ft. (square feet)
4. Then you will measure your tile, the tiles are measured in inches. So you will need to find the area of 1 tile.
e.g . you use the formula    L(12)*W(12) = 17 inch * 17 inch  = square inch.
        However you will need to find square area.
       12 inches make = 1 ft   >  1 * 1     = 1 square ft
       17 inch / 12 =  1.41 ft > 1.41 *1.41 = 1.99 square ft area 
       total tile needed = total square ft of room / total square ft of tile
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