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Housing Solutions In Jamaica and the construction field


Choosing doors for your Home?

Have you chosen the right door for your room or space?
A door is an opening or closing member used to close off an entrance to a space or room. A door generally has interior side and an exterior side which is sometimes matching. A door can bring beauty to the entrance of your building with the different features and design that it carries. Doors is used in may areas of the building and sometimes it is over used base on the amount of close open spaces available in your home. Many times designers or architects often pay less attention to a door in the house , but it can bring in light to space just as the window.It also can stop light , it close off spaces , open up to a new space and also a door can add decor to the room. Their are some common types of door used in homes these are; Panel Door, Flush Door, Fresh Doors , Pocket Door, Bypass Door , Bi-fold Doors and Sliding Doors and these doors can be made up of various materials ( Metal , wood , glass , plastics or a combination of these materials and other materials.) You can Have a carpenter build a door for you, it would be the best choice to have custom doors in your home which will make your home unique. However regular factory made doors may not bring all the beauty you need, but it can also depend on the brand door you purchase.Below are some size of doors used.
Internal Sizes doors Used
24" x 78" = 2'0" x 6'6" = 610 x 1981 mm
27" x 78" = 2'3" x 6'6" = 686 x 1981 mm
30" x 78" = 2'6" x 6'6" = 762 x 1981 mm
32" x 80" = 2'8" x 6'8" = 813 x 2032 mm
33" x 78" = 2'9" x 6'6" = 838 x 1981 mm
34" x 78" = 2'10" x 6'6"= 864 x 1981mm
36" x 78" = 3'0" x 6'6" = 914 x 1981 mm
External Sizes used in Building
30" x 78" = 2'6" x 6'6" = 761 x 1981 mm
32" x 80" = 2'8" x 6'8" = 813 x 2032 mm
33" x 78" = 2'9" x 6'6" = 838 x 1981 mm
34" x 82" = 2'10" x 6'10"= 864x 2082mm
36" x 84" = 3'0" x 7'0" = 915 x 2134 mm
If you want to install a door or looking for advice on doors 
Please send me an email or call.